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A region to be discovered

Champagne is not the only thing to be discovered. The region holds many treasures: Troyes, the beautiful medieval city shaped like a Champagne cork, sanctuary of Master Glassmakers, (a quarter of the national Heritage), remarkable gothic churches... A city in which most architecture

is from the 16th century. There we can admire the statuary of the School of Troyes from the 16th entury, the modern art museum (Modigliani, Braque, Picasso, Derain, Vlaminck, Delaunay…). The museum of Fine Arts, the ancient abbey Saint‐Loup (Watteau, Greuze, Natoire… and an

exceptional collection of sculptures from the 19th century), the museum of the Tool and of the Craftsmen thinking (a unique collection in the world).

And many other things … 


You can also discover the Parc Régional de la Forêt d’Orient, in the margins of the Parisian Basin and south of Champagne. A green landscape of 20000 hectares of forest with centenary trees. This land of legend shelters many lakes located in the deep forests, which shall enchant those who love nature, culture, sports and leisure, one hour and a half from Paris… 


The Château de Cirey‐sur‐Blaise, where Voltaire stayed. The Musée de l’Affiche et du Graphisme in Chaumont with its international festival…www.ville‐‐affiches and 


Visit Colombey‐les‐deux‐Eglises and its famous monument dedicated to General de Gaulle, walk in the footsteps of Renoir in Essoyes, discover the famous theme park Nigloland… 


But it is also a land of mysticism and legend, from Bernard de Clairvaux to the Templars. You can visit the abbey of Clairveaux, the roman remains of the hill Sainte‐Germaine in Bar‐sur‐Aube, the town of Gaston Bachelard…



Historical centre of Troyes, the beautiful Medieval city

The Courtyard of the Lion Noir in Troyes

Buildings of the lay brothers of the Abbaie Cistercienne of Clairveaux.

Lakes of the regional and natural park of the Forêt d’Orient.